School of Ceramics FAQ

  • Is there a placement test ?
    Yes. Depending on the course choosen by the student, there will be an assessment test of his/her capabilities. ( Depending on the course, the test could consist of throwing a pot on a wheel, decorating a pot, or similar hands-on exercises.)



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  • When do the courses begin?
    Any day agreed upon except weekends. Since all courses are personalized, students are free to attend at pre-agreed time. Usually a telephone call or an email is all that is needed to make a reservation.
  • Is attendance mandatory?
    No, it is not mandatory.   The hours spent in each session are recorded and students can attend until all their hours are used up.  For example, a student that is participating in a forty-hour course, can attend for four hours one day and two hours the following week, and still have the remaining thirty-four hours to complete the course.  Of course, following a regular schedule of attendance is recommended for the best learning results.
  • So I can come whenever I like?
    Yes.  If you are traveling from afar, you can complete a forty hour course in five days. However, one of the advantages we offer is that you cannot miss a class because the program is tailored to each student.
  • Will I need to bring materials?
    No, the school provides all the neccesary equipment and materials to perform the decoration e/o Raku e/o moulding at the wheel.
  • What will I achieve and in how long?
    You can attend for for only four hours, but in order to achieve measurable results, we recommend a course of at least forty hours, especially for beginners.  What you will achieve in each course will depend on the course selected and, of course, your diligence and aptitude for the subject.
  • Will I be able to keep the works I create?
    Yes, all the works you create are included in the price of the course.
  • I feel like I am pretty advanced in my ceramics studies. Will the school be good for me?
    Yes, absolutely. While the school is always glad to teach to beginners it is aimed toward the professional.
  • How will I be able to use my newly acquired skills?
    Of course, the School of Ceramics cannot guarantee the skills you learn with us will help you start a business or obtain gainful employment.  However, we believe that the skills we teach can generally assist students in the ceramics business — both in the area of self-employed businesses and in the ceramics businesses of others.  And of course, learning these skills allow for personal artistic expression.
  • Can I participate even if I have never had previous exprience?
    Yes, each course begins with the basic procedures and ends with the most sophisticated techniques that make ceramics such a fine art.
  • Is the school accredited?
    The school is the only private art school accredited with the Commune di Deruta and is also recognised by the Umbria region.
  • When is the school open?
    Normal hours of operations are
    8:30 am to 12:30 pm & 2:30pm to 6:30 pm

  • NOTE: Our methods guarantee a valuable learning experience and superlative quality of work, and the professionality of our instructors guarantees deep knowlege of the techniches, aquired through years of research and application.   The School can not guarantee any particular artistic achievements to its students as each student’s abilities and diligence will influence the results of any coursework.